Awesome / Ryse: Son of Rome

  • The tutorial, Rome is under siege, the Emperor is screaming on a balcony for his army to protect him. With Marius leading the proper defense, slaughtering Barbarians, manning giant balista, and even calling in an artillery barrage with catapults.
  • Anytime you command a testudo formation. Having a whole line of armed-to-the-teeth, stone-cold soldiers holding up a veritable wall of steel is awesome.
  • Marius's Last Stand against the entire barbarian army in the city of York as he orders his commander to flee and Bring News Back! It takes serious balls for a Roman soldier to tell that to his boss. The rousing music really helps too.
  • Vitallion's status as a badass was largely an Informed Ability for most of the game, considering all he did was order troops around and get captured and need to be rescued. Then the final mission begins and he leads the charge against Boudica's army, cutting a swath through the barbarians and definitely proving he earned his rank when he kills Boudica's elephant with a single spear through the eye. He manages to fight Boudica one-on-one for quite a while until she kills him.
    • To wit: Vitallion kills seven men and an elephant in under thirty seconds.
  • The ending. Marius doing The Slow Walk down Nero's hall, butchering over a dozen Praetorian Guard as if they are nothing more than new recruits fresh out of boot camp, and he still keeps going even after taking over three stabs clean through his body. Mega bonus points for one of Marius's kills being an offhand throat stab and at the end, of the two final enemies, all Marius has to do is point his sword at one of them to scare the shit out of him long enough to take out both of them. All ending with him finally getting sweet, sweet vengeance on Nero.
  • The payoff of the "Ghost Legion" easter egg. It's level 3 after Marius gets shipwrecked. Find three small circles of skulls throughout the level, and when you storm Dover in the next level you can look behind you and see a ghost ship and an army of ghost Romans charging the beach along with you.