Awesome: Russell Brand

  • Russell Brand was asked to answer some questions in character for his role in The Tempest. When he was asked if Trinculo was his first or last name, Brand immediately ad-libbed an entire back-story and did not pause for about five minutes. Afterwards, a stunned Alfred Molina said, "You're the only person I know who can do that."
  • During his days as a drug addict, he had a show called RE:Brand. The aim of the show was to highlight and challenge human taboos. One of the more memorable episodes featured Racism. He had to hang out with and listen to a member of the BNP (a racist party)and eventually Russell gets so sick of the bigotry, he calls the bastard out on it.
  • His entire interview on "Morning Joe" has him calling out the show's hosts for their superficiality, rude behavior (they were talking about him like he wasn't there) and complete ignorance to what he's saying and, according to them, "taking over" the show, showing himself to be a better host than they could ever be.
  • His infamous take-down of the Westboro Baptist Church. Also a Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • His take-down of the public overreaction to and relative unimportance of the phone messages he and Jonathan Ross left for Andrew Sachs. He read aloud a letter which said that he and Ross should be 'Sent to Afghanistan to fight with real men', then performed an epic riff on said letter involving an imagined meeting between himself, Jonathan, and a soldier in Afghanistan.
    'I'm in the middle of a global holy war. East versus West. Trying to stop the opium trade from reaching our shores. Men are dying on both sides every day. The desert sands run red with their blood... WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TWO DOING HERE?'
    '........ Did you ever watch Fawlty Towers?'
  • His take-down and skewering of how the celebrity news outlets responded to Renee Zellweger's appearance at a 2014 Elle red-carpet function, looking older and much more different than in her 1990s and 2000s hey-day. He later points out how the appearance of people and things change over a decade span and that the only thing that doesn't is a McDonalds hamburger and that's nothing to aspire to.