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Awesome: Rush Hour
Rush Hour
  • Carter, riding in a tow truck pulls up to the Consulate. Then he meets the guard Lee laid the smack-down on earlier.
    Carter: Hey, man, y'all see a little Asian dude about this height with a steering wheel on his arm?
    Guard #1: Go screw yourself.
    Carter: What did you say?
    Guard #1: I said go screw yourself.
    Carter: You take your little sensitive ass up there and let me in. Get out of the way! Don't make me get up out of this truck! Man when I get up in there I'm slappin' somebody, I don't play that.
    • For that matter, Lee escaping Carter's handcuffs and infiltrating the consulate.
  • Carter is really good at this sort of Badass speach.
    Carter: You serious? I don't know what to say. It's like a dream come true. I got an idea though, I got an idea. Why don't y'all take that badge and shove it up your ass. All up in your ass. I'm LAPD.
  • The climax, all of it. A mexican standoff between Juntao's bodyguards which gets turned on it's head when Carter gets ahold of the hostage and demands they activate the detonator, then things go to hell with Lee mercilessly hunting down Juntao, getting ahold of him and lasting long enough that Juntao falls to his death. ESPECIALLY when Carter and Sang doing a gun draw when Agent Russ was shot by Juntao... then of course, Carter shot Sang.. in the heart.
Rush Hour 2
  • The incredibly destructive fight in the Red Dragon Casino culminating in the use of a improvised zipline
Rush Hour 3
  • The beginning, Kenji hits Counsel (now Combassador) Han with a sniper rifle and Li damn nearly catches up with him by traversing over a LA freeway via free running.
  • The final fight on the Eiffel Tower qualifies. Chiefly the Katana Vs Jian sword duel between Kenji and Li in a highly inversed national weapons scenario.
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