Awesome / Ronin

The film:

  • Gregor's trick with the Jeep to throw off the aim of the passenger holding him at gunpoint, followed by the blood on the window as he retaliates has to be one of the most memorably cool few seconds of the film.
  • The elaborate car chases spread out across the film:
    • The race down a night-dark Paris street eluding police after escaping an ambush with gun-runners;
    • The attempt to retrieve the MacGuffin by car ambush;
    • The chase between Sam and Vincent against Dierdre, Seamus and a captured Gregor through traffic-congested highways and tunnels of a French city... in oncoming traffic.
  • Sam's self-surgery to remove a bullet. Once the bullet's out and the wound sewn up: "If you don't mind, I'm gonna pass out."