Awesome / Romeo Must Die

  • The Duel to the Death / Final Battle in a Battle Amongst the Flames at the end of the movie between Han and Po's killer Kai.
  • Trish shooting Colin's killer Mac.
  • The scene before that, when Han defeats half a dozen gangsters armed with guns with a fire hose. It's even better if you have seen this video and realize that he's using the fire hose as a rope dart, one of the hardest Chinese weapons to learn, and the source of many self inflicted injuries. Whether it was Jet Li himself or a stunt double, the fact that he can wield the weapon is impressive.
  • Han's escape. He starts by beating several guards, until he is knocked out. He wakes up hanging upside down in handcuffs. He is going to be beaten. He beats every single guard and steals a uniform. He casually walks out in uniform, telling the gate guard that he got a tip on the races, the guard delays him to talk about it, and the alarm goes off. The gate guard stops Han to give him some money to bet for him
  • Another early fight has Han defeat half a dozen gangsters by using zip ties to tie them in incredibly uncomfortable positions, then he takes the gun of one of them, throws it away, and steals their car. It must be seen to be believed!