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Awesome: River Monsters
  • Jeremy has survived life endangering situations countless times, such as a plane crash, nearly getting struck by lightning (it was actually his sound man who got struck a few feet away), numerous close calls with Nile crocodiles, and at least two bouts of malaria.
    • He once got his chest rammed by a giant Arapaima, an injury that still caused him great pain six weeks after the incident. Only a few days later, he went on to catch an even bigger one.
    • He fished in the Pripyat River near Chernobyl. Then he fished in the plant's cooling pond. Then he fished AT THE MOUTH OF THE CHANNEL FEEDING REACTOR NUMBER 4.
  • The whole Goliath Tiger Fish episode.
  • After seeing the "Killer Torpedo" episode you will officially believe tarpon are badass.
    • No less so the man who crafted a technique for catching them that is essentially paddling an innertube with your feet and then using fly-fishing to catch these fish who, as we learn over the course of the episode, can cause serious injury if they ram you at full tilt.
  • The fishermen of the Matis tribe in the Amazon, shown in one episode, are shown to hold electric eels bare handed. Electric eels that can fatally electrocute horses, and caiman!
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