Awesome / RideBack

  • One-Man Army: Rin's motivation is to dance, not fight. But when she's cornered, her dance reflexes make her swift and deadly, especially aboard Fuego.
  • Big Heroic Run: To save Shoko from the TV Tower, Rin boards Fuego, rides atop a thin train rail, busts into the TV Tower for the rescue...and then breaks through several military blockades with agility only a few others in the series have witnessed.
  • Final Battle: One Dance Battler against a squad of enemy robots. Sadly, we don't see as much of the fight, only just described, as an amazed news crew gives a play-by-play account. But for what we DO see...
  • Victory Pose: Fuego's hands rise like a ballerina's at the conclusion of Rin's performance against the Grimoires.