Awesome / Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

  • The end of the multi-Super Tyrant boss, who you destroy with the help of the Paracelsus Rail Gun.
    Party Girl: Well fuck, y'all. We're awesome.
  • The Coup de Grāce Cutscene for the Parasite infected Super-Tyrant will have the Player Character hop up on the downed boss, unload on it point blank, and then stuff a grenade into it, just barely rolling off in time to escape the explosion.
  • Wolfpack are left for dead by Umbrella, abandoned by their handler, and have numerous, incredibly high-value BOWs dropped in their area to ensure their death. The team's response? Kill over a hundred of these things in ten hours, forcing Umbrella to "re-negotiate" — Wolfpack were on the verge of absolutely devastating the company's finances!
  • Although Nicholai is a bastard, the scene where he snipes the pilot of the Wolfpack's escape chopper is really cool because it shows the bullet penetrating the chopper's windshield in slow motion.
  • Something not touched upon much, but in the Triple Impact Trailer's beginning, the pair of cops that Wolfpack are hunting are two of the last surviving police officers still wearing riot gear, are clearly exhausted and out of ammo, but still take the USS on a merry chase through a good section of the city. And one of them, when wounded, still has enough in him to dodge Bertha, avoid a parking lot of zombies, and just refuse to stop until his body quits on him. With a 5.56mm send off to make him stop. AFTER surviving a zombie rising that killed most his colleagues. A determinator we'll never know the story of.