Awesome: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

  • The end of the multi-Super Tyrant boss, who you destroy with the help of the Paracelsus Rail Gun.
    Party Girl: Well fuck, y'all. We're awesome.
  • The Coup de Grāce Cutscene for the Parasite infected Super-Tyrant will have the Player Character hop up on the downed boss, unload on it point blank, and then stuff a grenade into it, just barely rolling off in time to escape the explosion.
  • Wolfpack are left for dead by Umbrella, abandoned by their handler, and have numerous, incredibly high-value BOWs dropped in their area to ensure their death. The team's response? Kill over a hundred of these things in ten hours, forcing Umbrella to "re-negotiate" — Wolfpack were on the verge of absolutely devastating the company's finances!
  • Although Nicholai is a bastard, the scene where he snipes the pilot of the Wolfpack's escape chopper is really cool because it shows the bullet penetrating the chopper's windshield in slow motion.