Awesome / Resident Evil: Damnation

  • The Lickers taking on the T-103s that Svetlana had sicced on both Leon and Buddy. Probably the only time that you would actually be rooting for the Lickers to win.
  • Once again, Leon establishes his badass status by taking on a cellar full of Ganados using his martial arts skills alone. While handcuffed, no less.
  • Ada's scene with Leon, mimicking her appereance on RE4.
    • She also punted a table at the President before their Cat Fight.
  • Svetlana doesn't get any mentions? She held her own against Ada and Leon, all complete with Badass Boasts.
    Ada: "'s true what they said about you being a former instructor."
    Svetlana: "Former? I still am an instructor."
    Svetlana: "Do you have any idea who you are pointing your gun at?"
    Leon: "Let me're The Beekeeper?"
    Svetlana: "The Beekeper?"
    Leon: "The person who released the Plaga."
    Svetlana: "Just as I thought. You haven't a clue. I am the President...of this country. "
  • The third Tyrant is impressive on its own; stomping around the square like its nothing, tearing apart Lickers, grabbing missiles out of the air and tossing them away. Then it stops a tank from running it over simply by bracing itself against it, and begins lifting it off the ground. It only goes down finally when it takes the tank's main cannon to the face at point blank range.
  • "Leon and Buddy, out of ammo, physically and mentally spent from the day's fighting are surrounded by TWO Tyrants (mutated no less) and one of them begins charging forward. As Leon pulls his knife out and prepares for the worst, two US Air Force A10s swoop out of nowhere and annihilates the Tyrants with their 30mm GAU-8/A Avenger miniguns.