Awesome: Resident Evil: Damnation

  • The Lickers taking on the T-103s that Svetlana had sicced on both Leon and Buddy. Probably the only time that you would actually be rooting for the Lickers to win.
  • Once again, Leon establishes his Badass status by taking on a cellar full of Ganados using his martial arts skills alone. While handcuffed, no less.
  • Ada's scene with Leon, mimicking her appereance on RE4.
    • She also punted a table at the President before their Cat Fight.
  • Svetlana doesn't get any mentions? She held her own against Ada and Leon, all complete with Badass Boasts.
    Ada: "'s true what they said about you being a former instructor."
    Svetlana: "Former? I still am an instructor."
    Svetlana: "Do you have any idea who you are pointing your gun at?"
    Leon: "Let me're The Beekeeper?"
    Svetlana: "The Beekeper?"
    Leon: "The person who released the Plaga."
    Svetlana: "Just as I thought. You haven't a clue. I am the President...of this country. "
  • The third Tyrant is impressive on its own; stomping around the square like its nothing, tearing apart Lickers, grabbing missiles out of the air and tossing them away.