Awesome / Reddit

  • Any time a video on r/holdmybeer ends in success.
  • For 2017, A subreddit called /r/place opened, a public canvas where you could place a coloured pixel of your choosing every 5 minutes, but placed pixels could be overridden with another. It's widely considered as one of the best social experiments done by reddit, as within the span of a few hours numerous sub-reddits focused their efforts on making their mark in the chaotic battlefield, turning r/place from a simple experiment into a simulation of human history and politics. Of special mention are the numerous smaller sub-reddits getting to mark their place in reddit history and country sub-reddits dedicated to defending their flags and territory. A few examples:
    • The giant osu! logo repeatedly suffered from vandalism, but survives just long enough to make it to the final canvas
    • The American flag being vandalized close to the end of the experiment, saved when r/MURICA banded together with some other American subreddits and repaired it
    • In a hilarious accidental retelling of history The German flag (made by r/de) almost assimilating the French flag, before both sub-reddits joined forces and made the EU flag where their flags meet.
    • In general, the collaborative efforts undertaken by sub-reddits, mimicking real life politics, such as r/Overwatch negotiating for a spot in r/sweden's giant Swedish flag, or the various threads discussing 'alliances' or 'wars' between sub-reddits.