Awesome: Red vs. Blue

aka: Red Vs Blue The Recollection
Do I hear a...CAR?!
"I am not a thing! My name is Leonard Church. AND YOU WILL FEAR MY LASER FACE!"
Crowning Moments of Awesome from the Web Series Red vs. Blue

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    Season 1 
      • To put this in perspective, Donut tossed a plasma grenade all the way across the entire canyon to blow up both Sheila and Tex.
  • Sarge ordering a missile strike to take down Shelia.
  • Tex managing to retrieve the flag all by herself. It's the first badass thing we ever see her do.
  • Red Team managing to capture Tex is pretty awesome in hindsight once Revelations shows how much of a Bad Ass she is.

    Season 2 
  • Church and Tex forcing O'Malley out of Caboose's mind.
  • Lopez blowing up the Warthog.

    Season 3 
    • "Your toast has been burnt and no amount of scraping will remove the black parts!"
  • Tucker quickly becoming proficient with his new-found sword by killing the Red Zealot.
  • "The Reds and Blues are working together now!"
  • The attack on O'Malley's fortress is pretty awesome.
  • The alien decimating Lopez's robot army.

    Season 4 
  • Wyoming killing the Alien with a missile launcher.
  • Tex taking out the Zealots.
  • Doc actually taking charge for once with O'Malley and getting him to help Tucker.

    Season 5 
  • In episode 98, Tucker manages to get one of his very own. In spite of spending the entire series being almost entirely incompetent, he managed to put a halt to Wyoming's nefarious scheme with spectacular ability. He tricked Wyoming by pretending to be affected by one of his time skips, then stabs him, and uses the time-travel ability to dodge bullets and kill clones. He also managed to grab a hold of sniper rifle that he had been deprived of since the beginning, and get headshots with every single shot.
  • In episode 99, when the Blue Team is under attack by the army of Wyoming clones, the Red Team comes out of nowhere riding on the Warthog and pure ownage happens when the Reds provide pure smackdown on the Wyoming clones. All the time, Ranchero music is blaring on the "Chupathingy's" radio.
  • Church and Tex versus Omega again.
  • Caboose taking on a tank. Then the Warthog. He really is the vehicle destroyer.

  • One cannot forget Washington's epic killing of a Hornet in Valhalla. It involves a man cannon and explosive barrels.
    Wash: Just take that ship down!
    Grif: If it's so easy, why don't you do it?
    Wash: Fine.
    *does so*
    Wash: Ok. Now can we go?
  • The Meta arriving and killing all the Freelancer combat personnel who attack him.
    • Even better, he is shown fighting a Gauss Warthog, and if the scene plays right he melees it once and kills both the agents inside. Badass.
  • Church pulls one off in Chapter 19. The episode attempts to trick you into believing Church is fleeing from the final fight, only worried about himself and his safety. Then, when Washington is cornered by the Meta within the base, Church suddenly appears in all his glorious miniaturized A.I. hologram form. Just before he goes to buy Washington more time, Wash tries to warn him that when the EMP goes off, it'll kill him too. Church, however, interrupts him in the most badass of fashions.
    Church: "When it goes off, I'll be fine. It only affects computers, remember? And I am a motherfucking ghost."
    • How about Wash's entire plan, to begin with? He's frequently shown to be a badass normal going against a super powered, bat crap crazy, former friend who could tear through an entire military HQ by himself. Despite his gross disadvantage, Wash manages to use amazing guile tactics to wipe out the Meta and Project Freelancer HQ at the same time.
  • The Reds' and Caboose's escape from the base. Especially Grif's Leave Us!
  • It's kind of a Meta example, but after hearing how horrible experiencing the Omega AI can be, you have to give the BGC props for how well they handled it. No trauma, just annoyance really.
  • 5 Words from Caboose: "Can't see inside a tank,"

  • Grif finally calling out Sarge on his Neidermeyer tendencies while on a ledge out of the range of Sarge's shotgun.
    Grif: Sarge, since we may not make it outta this, maybe there's a few things I should tell you. You know, since you can't reach me. ... Like the reason why I never listen to you. Or never follow your orders. And why I don't think anything you say is ever important. ... But I want you to understand, Sarge. It's not because I'm lazy. It's because I don't like you. Or respect you. In any way. I have no positive feelings towards you. ... Now I imagine it can be pretty hard to be an ineffective leader with no respect.
    * Sarge fires his shotgun and misses.*
    Grif: ...Who doesn't understand that his primary weapon has an effective range much shorter than most weapons. But I think since we're gonna die anyway, you deserve to know that.
  • Tucker's triumphant return has him taking on the entire evil dig team to rescue Caboose, Sarge and Grif and kicking their asses.
  • Washington's speech during the end of the final episode.
    Chairman: "When you find these Blue soldiers that you’re talking about, what makes you think that they are just going to give you the Epsilon unit when you ask them for it?"
    Agent Washington: “Ha ha... for as long as I can remember, I’ve been lied to, taken advantage of, shot in the back, and left for dead... and now, I have a way out of all of this. What in the hell makes you think that I’m going to ask for it?”
  • Simmons's attitude for this season was awesome because he finally got annoyed with Sarge for once and wasn't such a kiss-ass.


    Season 9 
  • The first CGI fight sequence in the season featuring North Dakota and South Dakota.
    • The coffee guy is the most awesome grunt in the episode. It takes guts to go for an alarm after a Freelancer tells you not to.
    • North using a machine gun to practically cut a guy in half.
    • The superb teamwork shown in taking out the snipers.
  • North blocking a whole lot of missiles from killing everyone on the plane while being shot full of bullets.
    • Made more awesome retroactively when it's mentioned that using his shield attachment without an AI like that could have easily killed him even without the chestful of bullets. And yet he's walking around absolutely fine just an episode after. In Season 10, this is made even more awesome, because, according to Delta, North had a 0.1% chance of activating the bubble shield without killing himself via asphyxiation like Utah, and did it anyway, for over three seconds without any undue incident.
  • Only a mere second of screentime, and the "new agent" (Tex) already has one. The conversation between Washington and the Soldier who bumps into him sums up the excitement.
    Washington: Soldier, where is everybody going?
    Soldier: New agent! Squaring off against Maine, Wyoming, and York on the training room floor. We're going to watch! Hey guys wait up!
    North Dakota: Three on one?
    Washington: I gotta see this!
    North Dakota: Yeah, right behind you.
    • Maine, Wyoming, and York vs Texas. To say it was a Curb-Stomp Battle is putting it nicely. Tex beat all 3 of them in stick combat, hand-to-hand, and the shooting round, even when two of them used real bullets against her.
      • In the hand-to-hand portion of the episode, she ducked a punch that came at her from behind. That's right, she wasn't even looking at it. And it nails Wyoming in the face.
  • Tucker finally lampshading the creepiness and tragedy that is Epsilon/Tex.
  • All of Episode 15, with the highlight being getting the sarcophagus into the escape Pelican in free fall.
    • The entire fight against "Shark Face", an extremely heavily-armored ODST with a flamethrower. Takes on two of the top Freelancers on his own and doesn't do half bad.
      Wash: What the fuck is with this guy?
    • Three words: "Firing main cannon."
    • Special praise goes to Four-Seven-Niner, for having the sheer gall to even ATTEMPT what she did in that Pelican. To say nothing about actually succeeding.
    • A small squad of soldiers tries to arrest Agent Maine...and almost immediately realize just how screwed they are.
    Wash: "I almost feel sorry for the guys down there."
    • Wash shoots down a Hornet with his battle rifle in free fall. There's a reason his specialty icon is a battle rifle.
  • Pretty much all of Episode 17 also, with the absolutely insane driving battle over the package.
    • Carolina picking up Maine's brute shot and pwning the female Insurrectionist with it, while on top of a speeding truck.
    • Maine taking a sniper shot for Carolina and then getting up to fight an elite mook, he gets his ass handed to him, but it was still badass how much punishment he could take and still keep fighting.
    • Carolina activating the Super Speed equipment.
      • Carolina chasing down a guy with a jet pack. On foot, no less.
  • Andy out-insulting Tucker in Episode 18, to the point where the latter admits Andy's last insult was "a pretty good burn".
  • The end of episode 19, where Tex and Church send Tucker and Caboose to attack the Reds in one final adventure and then sitting back and watching the fireworks as the Epsilon capture unit collapses.
  • For the real Blood Gulch Crew, the end of episode 20: even though they had help from Carolina, and Wash of course, they fought through an entire military base to rescue Church.

    Season 10 
  • They got Elijah Wood to voice Sigma. Elijah. Fricking. Wood.
  • Episode 2:
    • The Freelancer's Frigate Mother of Invention's brief fight with the Insurrectionist's Longsword fighters.
    • Pilot Four-Seven-Niner dodging the enemy cannon fire in a freaking orbital scrapyard field and dispatching the freelancers.
    • The entire no-gravity fight involving Carolina when Wash accidentally turns off the Artificial Gravity of the ship they were invading. North and South Dakota weren't that bad either.
  • Episode 5:
    • The entire sequence of Theta and North demonstrating their expertise with the bubble shield against a circle of turrets. This includes concentrating the shield in only the areas of fire and moving them with the moving turrets and flashing the shield to allow for sniper bullets to go through. Bonus points for being what one could assume would be Theta's first combat assignment.
  • Episode 6:
    • Caboose's stupidity gets one, when Carolina quick-draws on Caboose and sets off several explosives behind him, telling him to "try and put that into words" as a threat to the Blues. Caboose's response? "Kurpewwwww explosion"
  • Episode 8:
    • North and Theta trapping the Insurrectionist snipers inside the Beehive Barrier.
    • Maine's return, all helped by a few simple lines courtesy of Sigma:
    Sigma: "Agent Maine, isn't that the soldier from the freeway? The one that shot you in the throat?" [Maine hisses] "I thought so. Sic 'em."
  • Episode 9:
    • As Fridge Horror as it is, Maine taking out all three of the insurrectionists was definitely awesome, as was Carolina's prior fight with them, showing a very cool close combat fight between her and the female member.
    • The ODST Insurrectionist catching an explosive and firing it back at the target with a swing of his mechanical arm was also incredible. Apparently the Insurrection builds tough (though not quite as tough as a Freelancer head on).
    • The pill-insignia member impales the hiding Mysterious Blue Guy with a thrown axe from across the room.
    • Tex and Carolina separately running the minigun gauntlet - Carolina doing it while visible too - in their personal competition for top of the leader board.
  • Episode 10:
    • Yes! Mysterious Blue Guy is back up and fighting! Followed by the hilarious splatter-kill of the hyena gunners.
    • Tex and Carolina vs CT and the Insurrectionist leader with some awesome Jeff Williams music playing during it.
      • CT, specifically, who has the guts to attack Tex head-on and actually pins Tex's wrist to her back with a knife, even if it didn't slow her down.
      • Two highlights from that fight stand out: both are well-executed team attacks. The first:CT distracts Tex with a hologram, disarms her, stabs her in the back, and pushes her in the path of the Leader's axe - a one-two punch that would have easily killed Tex were she human. The second:Carolina hits the Leader with some close combat, which pushes him right into the path of a power punch courtesy of Tex.
    • More than that, you have Pillman and C.T Taking on the two best freelancers, and actually managing to hold their own. It's also a retroactive Awesome Moment for Tucker. Think about it, Pillman was shown to be equal to the best of the freelancers, and yet he considered Tucker to be his Arch-Nemesis. When the freelancers attack the Insurrectionists, Pillman manages to stay calm and collected. But the mere idea of Tucker being in the area has the guy undergoing such a massive Oh, Crap moment that it borders on a Villainous Breakdown. That's right, Tucker was a bigger threat to the leader of the Insurrection than the entireity of Project Freelancer.
  • In Episode 12, we have Church calling Carolina out on her Jerkass Façade.
    Carolina: I can't trust anyone.
    Church: Awww, why not? Because having friends would ruin the whole 'psychotic loner bitch' thing you have going? Because that would be a real shame.
    • There's also Church's line at the end of the episode. It's just the way he says it, as well as the fact that it perfectly concludes an otherwise heartwarming and tear-jerking episode.
    Church: That's right, assholes! You're going home! And you're taking us with you.
  • In-Universe: In Episode 15, Church is impressed with the creative ways the Reds find to screw him over.
    Epsilon-Church: Man, those guys are really starting to find creative ways to ruin my life. ...mother fuckers.
  • Episode 17 of Season 10 gives a pretty great Wham Line.
    Epsilon: I know where to find the Director.
    Carolina: What? How?
    Epsilon: I just remembered... *blinks out and reappears full-sized in Alpha's white armor* ...everything.
    • In addition to that, Connie posthumously managing to get Tex the key information necessary to instigate the rebellion of the agents. Even in death, she somehow manages to get back at the Director (and due to the above Awesome Moment, manages it completely).
  • Episode 18 of Season 10: Wash pulls a gun on Carolina. His reason? He's protecting his friends.
    • In the prequel portion, he's just been unconscious for a few days from the Epsilon breakdown. He claims to have no memory of what happened. Anyone who knows Wash, knows that's a lie. He just crossed into his guile heroics without anyone realizing it.
    • Heartbreaking as it may have been, Church going big when he chews out the Blood Gulch Crew was pretty impressive.
    • The Reds and Blues finally deciding they don't care about continuing their fight against Project Freelancer, and just want to go home, promptly doing so.
      • And who's the first to call Carolina and Church out on their bullying and generally shitty treatment of the Reds and Blues? Grif, of all people.
    Grif: Wow. Fuck off, blue.
    • From that same scene, Wash drawing his gun on Carolina with zero hesitation the second she threatens Tucker, citing the Reds and Blues as his friends.
      • Hell, essentially that's the point where Wash became the Blue Team Leader.
  • Episode 19 is, in reverse order: one minute of nightmare fuel, two minutes of tear jerker, and eight minutes of awesome. Special mention goes to:
  • In Episode 20, the Rousing Speeches from Doc and Sarge, which sum up how Seasons 6-10 have allowed the Reds and Blues to grow (along with Washington). The result? The gang decides that, in spite of everything Church and Carolina said, they're going to go help them anyway, since, regardless of anything else, Church is still their friend, and, like it or not, they're having fun with the adventures for the most part.
    • Stealing the hornets was another for the Blood Gulch crew, faced with an equal number of trained soldiers (remembering that the Reds and Blues are supposed to be cannon fodder) each wielding a massive gunship, just one of which gave them all enormous trouble in Reconstruction. Their victory is such a Foregone Conclusion that it happens off screen. The two teams look at each other... and we cut to them flying away in the stolen Hornets. Really goes to show that the team has Taken A Level In Badass. Rule of Funny Idiot Ball on the part of the soldiers aside, it shows just how competent they've become.
  • Episode 21. All of it. Carolina, Wash, and the Blood Gulchers fight the army of Tex copies, managing to hold out pretty well for the most part, including such moments as Donut blowing up several robot with three plasma grenades thrown at once in expert precision, Caboose getting angry, Grif successfully fighting off several Texes with his "Grifshot", Tucker's Master Swordsman showing, and culminating in a Back-to-Back Badasses moment between everyone in the crew at once against the Texes, to the sound of a remix of "Blood Gulch Blues".
  • Episode 22.
    • Epsilon-Church delivers quite a few in his "The Reason You Suck" Speech to the Director, involving the return of the AI fragments inside Epsilon's memory:
    Epsilon-Church: Not all of us got off scott-free, Carolina. He was-
    Epsilon-Delta: -brilliant, and we-
    Epsilon-Theta: -trusted him. But he-
    Epsilon-Gamma: -lied to us... He twisted, and-
    Epsilon-Omega: -tortured us! And used us!
    Epsilon-Sigma: Manipulated us for his own purposes, and for what? For this? This... shadow?!
    Epsilon-Church: ...He needs to pay.
    • Epsilon-Church's final words to The Director.

    Season 11 
  • Episode 1.
    • Grif is shot by a tank driven by a member of his own team and promptly walks it off.
    • Wash's speech. Not only is it heartwarming, but it shows Wash's development as a character and the power of friendship the guys seem to have going for them.
  • Episode 4.
    • Caboose runs through Wash's obstacle course and completes it, in 2 seconds!
  • Episode 6: Caboose successfully fixes, automates, and even controls, a Mantis and prevents it from killing off the Red Team, Considering This is Caboose, it really speaks volumes about his competence now.
  • Episode 10.
  • Episode 12: Sarge finds a pretty new mech in the ship. He likens it to seeing a pretty girl on the first day of school.
  • Episode 15 The Blues get in a firefight with Locus' men. Not only does Tucker headshot one of them, but he also convinces Wash to fire at them. Wash, now Blue Leader again, sics Freckles on them.
    • Afterwards, Locus is lining up a headshot on Washington, but the mysterious guy with orange details on his armor shows up and throws up an energy shield just in time.
    • On a less violent note, Wash proves he's cured of his cynicism by revealing the thing he's been working on isn't a weapon to destroy Freckles. It's a new helmet for Caboose, just like his old one. He wasn't saying "Sorry I have to destroy your pet", he was saying "Sorry your best friend left you". His actions move Caboose so much, he reinstates Wash as Blue Team Leader.
  • Episode 16 shows that due to the actions of the Blood Gulch Crew and Washington in bringing down Project Freelancer in the previous seasons, they are considered some of the galaxy's greatest warriors. Doc and Grif are a little skeptical, but anyone who remembers how they held their own against a bunch of Insurrectionists led by C.T., took down the Meta, and even beat multiple copies of Tex will know that this Ragtag Bunch of Misfits know how to get the job done when they need to.
    • This is subtly shown at the end of the episode, when it becomes clear to the team that things are getting serious. They very subtly shift into their Let's Get Dangerous mode.
  • Episode 17: After almost two seasons wearing Church's cobalt, Wash is back in his old grey and yellow. He's Back
  • Episode 18:
    • Despite not having Monty Oum's animating skills this season, a rather good job is done of depicting an intense firefight between the Blood Gulch crew and the Federal Army.
    • Donut takes out the rampaging Lopez 2.0 by using the "future cubes" to teleport him into the minefield they set up earlier. And just to add insult to injury, he reveals he can (kind of) speak Spanish!
    • Freckles needs an emergency recharge after fighting off Lopez 2.0, but something's eating all the electricity over at Red base. So Tucker enters Bad Ass mode, and fights his way through the enemy army to shut it off!
      • And then Lopez 1.0 takes out the soldier who gets the drop on Tucker, complete with Badass Boast.
    • A villainous version by Locus—he takes out the tank that Simmons and Sarge were using to drive back the hostiles with one sticky grenade. He then proceeds to hit Donut (who was ducking behind cover) by detonating an explosive barrel near Donut's hiding spot. And then he uses a railgun rifle to take out Washington, Lopez, and Sarge one after the other!
    • Wash, too injured to escape, pulls a Heroic Sacrifice by getting Freckles to collapse a tunnel behind the rest of the BGC and rebels so they won't be followed.
  • Episode 19: Wash, Lopez, Sarge and Donut are captured and Doc is seemingly stranded in subspace. This leaves Grif, Simmons, Caboose, and Tucker all alone to lead the rebel army to get their friends back. How do the remaining soldiers react?
    Tucker: Hm... All right, let's run some drills.
    Grif: Aw, man!
    Caboose: And... break!
    • And before this was Vanessa's Rousing Speech to the group, pleading with them for help while giving a very clear depiction of how bleak the Rebels' situation is.
  • The Red vs. Blue Blockbuster Trailer

    Season 12 
  • The trailer has shown something no one expected: CGI. In Halo 4.
  • In the first episode, while the whole point seems to be that Grif, Simmons, and Caboose are incompetent leaders...they actually aren't. They crack under pressure, but until then, Grif and Simmons have been able to cover for one another, acting as one another's anchor to reality. And Caboose is still Caboose, but considering he still has the loyalty of his squadron, he must be doing something right offscreen.
  • In episode 2, Felix showcases his fantastic combat skills, proving to be a top class scout. Special mention goes to killing a mook who had snuck up on him with a quick draw knife throw, then taking a victory pose that would make Tiger Woods proud.
    Felix: ...I am fucking... awesome!
  • While he admits he was insanely angry at first, Felix admits that Tucker's decision to break orders and get enemy data really paid off.
  • The story Grif tells the troops about the Blood Gulch guys' final fight against the Meta becomes this when you look back and realize that even though he sounds like he's embellishing, he's actually giving them an accurate blow-by-blow of the action. The only questionable part of his narrative is his assessment of the Meta having the strength of ten bears (Simmons thinks it's more like twenty).
  • The guys striking out on their own so they won't get any of the rebels killed, and they're confident that they can break out their friends.
  • The guys spying on the Feds and actually managing to avoid detection.
  • The break in. Not only does it work by them being stupid, it succeeds in helping the find their friends.
  • Wash telling Locus 'fuck you monster' when he's on the verge of unconsciousness, on the ground at Locus's feet and totally vulnerable.
  • From Episode 10, there's the revelation that Felix and Locus have been working together from the beginning. They played the Feds, the Rebels, and the Reds and Blues - and not one person suspected a single damn thing.
    • From the same episode, Carolina and Felix's fight. They come to a tie before it gets broken up.
    • A recursive one on second viewing when you realize that's Carolina fading in right next to Locus and posing as one of his people until she had heard enough.
    • Also from that episode: Up till now, the Reds and Blues haven't had many chances to prove their mettle. They've got guns pointed at them, with no way out. But the minute Carolina gives them an opening, they open fire on Locus' elite non-Federation forces and start taking them out!
    • The Reds and Blues' Last Stand from the previous season finale is made retroactively more impressive by the fact that LOCUS only managed to beat them as well as he did because Felix was feeding him intel on their defenses.
  • Episode 11 is a big one for Church. At the end of season 10, he couldn't keep up with Carolina's super speed. Now, he can process advanced data calculations so fast, in less than a second, it's like he's not even trying. In fact, he even managed to have a conversation with his memories of the other AI fragments at while helping Carolina in a fire fight. Yes, Delta, Theta, Sigma, pretty much every fragment of Alpha are back.
    • Which means that Carolina has become everything The Meta was trying to be, only she's managed to retain her sanity and ethics, totally subverting the With Great Power Comes Great Insanity trope.
    • Note that Church is even getting help from Gamma, and while they don't help at the time, Omega and Sigma show up briefly (Omega even saying "I'm here if you need me"). Church is able to keep three of the show's biggest villains - the earliest Big Bad, The Dragon to Wyoming, and the overall Bigger Bad of Project Freelancer's downfall and the cause of the Meta - under control and helping him.
      • One for both Sigma and Omega. Just the memories of them are powerful and frightening enough that Epsilon needs to actively suppress them. Even then, Omega was able to rematerialize, and Sigma seems to be creeping his way into Carolina's mind.
    • Said conversation and all the calculations the AI make in it is so long from our (and Church's) perspective(s), taking up nearly half the episode. In real-time the conversation takes place over the course of about a second, probably less.
  • Dr. Grey not only takes not shit from Locus, but when Carolina threatens to put a knife in her, Emily cheerfully brushes it off and mentions how she'd love to psychoanalyze her.
  • Episode 13:
    • Grif refuses to hand over his new laser weapon, even when Sarge orders him to. As per usual, Sarge turns to threatening Grif with his shotgun. This time, Grif has a rebuttal:
    • Church has regained his ability to jump into other peoples' head like his Alpha incarnation. It gives him a headache, but it's still impressive.
    • Grif managed to get his weapon back from Carolina! That bears repeating. Grif managed to get his weapon back from Carolina!
  • Episode 14
    • Carolina saves Caboose from a merc.
  • Episode 15
  • Episode 16:
    • Caboose, of all people, gives an effective inspirational speech to Tucker to convince him to forgive Chuch.
    Caboose: Okay Tucker, I'm gonna tell you this only because you respect my opinions so much.
    Tucker: I actually don't listen to anything you say. Ever.
    Grif: Classic "lazy one"!
    Caboose: If you keep being mean to Church, Church will just keep being mean to you, and then everyone will be mean to everyone all the time and everything will be bad and no one will have fun.
    (Inspirational music begins to build up)
    Tucker: Is this... are you... trying to give a motivational speech right now?
    Donut: Shh! I want to see where he's going!
    Caboose: I mean, come on! Is this really what you want? You just... you just want to be angry and mean all the time? Because that is dumb! And you know what?! You are dumb for thinking that!
    Grif: Did Caboose just call someone dumb?
    Sarge: Well that's calling the kettle blue.
    Caboose: So Church left! And maybe some of us were sad! But you know what? that is okay! Because he was just trying to do something good! And he just made a mistake! And we all make mistakes sometimes.
    Tucker: Wow! Caboose, I...
    Caboose: So shut up and get over it!
    Caboose: ...Well, my work is done here (walks off).
    • When the New Republic prepares for war, and after a Rousing Speech from Kimball intercut with the same from Doyle, Bitters cynically adds "Yeah, we're totally dead". Smith immediately punches him to the ground.
    Smith: Not. The time.
  • Episode 18:
    • Wash and Carolina vs Felix and Locus. It's been a long, long time since Wash got a decent post-Epsilon fight scene and this one reminds everyone why he was the only freelancer who survived the whole of the project without going into hiding.
      • Carolina managing to do rather well in the brawl despite having a wounded leg and without Church backing her up.
      • It becomes obvious why Felix said he and Locus are such an effective team as they separate, isolate and double team Wash and Carolina.
    • After the hand-to-hand is done, Wash and Locus engage in a battle of philosophy, while the former hunts the latter. Wash loses the physical part of the duel, but clearly wins the philosophical side—he meticulously deconstructs Locus' image as the Consummate Professional in one well-crafted "The Reason You Suck" Speech, enraging Locus to the point of abandoning all form or tactics and simply tackle Wash to the ground for a straightforward beat-down.
    Washington: I know I used to be a real piece of shit, but at least I am trying to do something about it.
    • Lopez, despite being decapitated, manages to knock out one of the space pirates with a single punch.
    • Kimbal and Doyle actually came very, very close to figuring out they had been played by a third party before the shooting started.
    • When the fight between the Federal Army and the New Republic erupts, the four-person squad formerly commanded by Tucker—established as a Ragtag Band of Misfits who made the Blood Gulch Crew look competent—manage to survive through a combination of Deadly Dodging and lucky shots.
    • The biggest of the episode: Tucker gets Felix to gloat about how he and Locus had tricked the two factions into believing that the Reds and Blues are dead, as it would motivate both armies to wipe each other out. Unbeknownst to Felix, Tucker has Church in his armor, recording the entire speech. When this is done, the rest of the Blood Gulch Crew take out the jammer blocking contact with the capital, allowing Church to transmit a copy of the speech to both the Federal Army and the New Republic, bringing the entire Civil War to a halt and effectively ruining Control's long con right before it could pay off. Felix is so shocked and enraged at how he's been played that he can't even speak; and when he does manage to find his voice, all that comes out is...
    • The fact that the BGC went with option C, which Church described as "Goddamn Nightmare", and survived with only two people badly injured and one of which is getting medical treatment.
  • Episode 19
    • Tucker came up with the plan to outsmart and expose Locus and Felix.
    • The BGC's Badass Boast to Control aka the Chairman. It's just awesome.
      • One for the Chairman too for not losing his cool once during this season.
      • The nature of the Badass Boast is pretty cool as well, given that it's delivered in a manner that resembles the letters that were sent between the Director and the Chairman/Control a few seasons back. Likely based on what he found when he had FILLS transfer him in the facility where he found Epsi-Tex, before facing The Meta:
        Epsilon-Church: Dear Chairman; It has come to our attention that you have declared war on the planet Chorus. We regret to inform you that this is a really shitty idea. Not only have you managed to annoy the people that you failed to kill, time and time again, you've also found a way to piss off an entire planet. Now they may not have the best equipment and they might not be the best fighters, but as you're aware, they've been fighting for a very long time. And now that they're not fighting each other, they're more than happy to dedicate all of their time to fighting you. So dear Chairman, to you and your idiotic mercenaries, we would like to say: bring it on, motherfuckers. We're not going anywhere. From your friends, the incredibly badass and sexually attractive Red and Blue soldiers of Project Freelancer. P.S.: Suck our balls.

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