Awesome / Red Sonja

The film:

  • The battle between the holy warrior women and Gedren's attacking army in the opening scene. True the ladies eventually lost, but they acquitted themselves well while fighting at equal numbers, it's only after being outnumbered that they lose.
  • Kalidor and Sonja fight in a Best Her to Bed Her sword duel, and the both of them display their very best. They are equals and fight till exhaustion, and end up on a draw.
  • He may be an annoying Royal Brat most of the time, but you've got to be impressed by Prince Tarn's Badass Boast. You go prince, you go!
    Prince Tarn: Now hear me, Gedren! It is I, Prince Tarn of Hablok... Here to revenge myself on the tyrant of Burkubane!
  • Sonja confronts Gedren in a final sword duel and skewers her.