Awesome / Red Hood and the Outlaws

The New 52 series:

  • Say what you will about the rest of the first issue, but you can't deny that Jason stages a pretty awesome prison break.
  • During issue # 5 when Jason is fighting the Untitled. He finally manages to land a killing blow on it after pulling off a Batman Gambit to catch the thing off guard; unflinchingly cutting himself with his own weapons to power them up with his blood. The most awesome part? Just before he kills it, he has a little mental dialogue where he mentions that neither the Joker or Batman mattered, because he was going to do his duty and avenge the All-Caste who had trained him, and stop the Untitled that they had protected the world from. Best moment in the series so far.

DC Rebirth series:

  • Dick Grayson gets a pretty awesome moment in Annual #1. While working undercover with Jason on a case involving a circus, Jason explains Dick's presence to the circus owner by cheerfully introducing him as "Flippy Flop, the Acrobatic Clown", much to Dick's resigned embarrassment. Despite Dick's misgivings about the name and the fact that he had next to no time to come up with an act, he quickly throws together one that amazes everyone, even Artemis. The only panel we see of it shows Dick balanced one-handed on the top of a bowling pin while balancing a ball on his right foot and a serving tray with several wine glasses on it on his left foot, which he's filling with a wine bottle in his left hand. Dick, of course, is enjoying it just as much as the audience is.