Awesome / Red Eye

  • "Not in my house." Doubles as a Pre Ass Kicking One Liner.
  • Rachel McAdams has had enough of this shit. Time to put a pen through a windpipe.
    • What makes that especially awesome is that she did it because Jackson Rippner told her he could order her father's death with a single phone call.
    • What's more, she manages to actually get off the plane without being stopped after the aforementioned stabbing, navigate her way through the airport by being stealthy and disguising herself with very little to hand - all while being chased by airport security who think she's a terrorist - and finally outrunning Rippner to the monorail even after tripping and falling.
  • The little girl subtly tripping Rippner as he chases Lisa in the climax. And she does it with no one being any the wiser. Little Miss Badass, indeed.
  • There's something undeniably badass about the fact that Rippner, a Politically Incorrect Villain, is ultimately undone by Lisa, with a little help from the little girl on the plane and Lisa's friend Cynthia back at the hotel. That's right, a raging misogynist is foiled by two women and a little girl.