Awesome / Ratatouille

  • Colette's opening speech/rant to Linguini, swiftly followed by her tough love Training Montage with the new garbage boy. She starts as intimidating, then moves to authoritative as a master of the kitchen and then irresistible when she thanks her protege for listening to her with respect.
    Here, let me make it easy to remember. Keep your station clear...or I WILL KILL YOU!
  • Ego's "perspective" line. It was badass in a more subdued way. The same is true for his "I don't like food, I love it. If I don't love it, I don't swallow". The line itself is brilliantly hammy on its own, but the incredible growl Peter O'Toole manages to put into the last word is truly spectacular. Watch it here.
    • Linguini's line beforehand was pretty good. Anton Ego remained composed and pretty smug when he suddenly appears to talk to Linguini; after he calls Linguini 'slow for someone in the fast lane,' Linguini replies that Ego is thin for someone who likes food. Anton actually hesitates briefly and looks surprised, as do the reporters. From what it looks like, it's the first time someone talked back at him.
  • Rémy's dad gets a CMOA when he rallies the rat colony to replace the kitchen staff and they succeed.
    "We're not cooks... but we are family."
  • Rémy, when he argues against his father's hopeless philosophy that nature cannot be changed with a profound statement about his hope to become more than what he is.
    Rémy: Change is nature, Dad. The part that we can influence, and it starts when we decide.
  • Linguini, at the climax when he has to be the sole waiter for the entire restaurant. He handles the role with lightning efficiency, showing that maître d' is his true calling.
    • He waits tables on roller skates.
  • Anton Ego, when he writes his review, putting his own role in perspective while praising Rémy's culinary genius to the skies, knowing that he is likely sacrificing his career to do it.
    • Ego's Tear Jerker flashback to his mother's kitchen is a CMOA for the filmmakers.
    • "I can't remember the last time I told the waiter to give my compliments to the chef!" Coming from Ego, this is a pretty big compliment.
    • Ego may not have licked the plate, but he did wipe the sauce off with his finger and licked it clean, which is about as close as you can to licking the plate. That coming from a critic is a pretty big gesture in of itself.
    • Ego's final line in the film.
  • Heck, even an IMAGINARY character gets one. Rémy's figment of Chef Gusteau giving a motivational speech.
  • Horst: "I killed a man...with THIS thumb!" Then he threatens Skinner with the exact same thumb.
  • Linguini gets a minor one when he first meets Anton. Keep in mind Linguini seems pretty intimidated by him, so this took guts.
    Anton: You're slow for someone in the fast lane
    Linguini: And you're thin for someone who likes food!