Awesome / Rango

  • Rango intentionally using the film's entire Chekhov's Armoury to defeat Jake and the mayor. Not only is it just awesome incarnated, it shows he's gone from a wannabe hero lying about being one to a real hero.
  • The identity of The Spirit of the West.
    • Just the identity? Hell, that whole scene was just pure awesome.
  • The entire wagon chase. Bats with gatling guns? The Ride of the Valkyries played on banjos? A cross-dressing chameleon? Yes please.
    • Don't forget the words that started that chase. After Rango says "We've got your entire family surrounded!" The mole says "My entire family?"
      • And before that, even: "Reach for the sky!"
  • Beans has a slightly less violent one: "My daddy was NOT a BURDEN!"
  • It's a villainous example, but Rattlesnake Jake deserves one for this exchange:
    Ms. Beans: Go to hell!
    Jake: Where do you think I come from?
  • Rango inventing the Rango persona was pretty impressive. Eating Bad Bill's cigar was also incredibly ballsy.
  • So, Rango's gone and brought water back to the town, tricked Jake into wasting ALL of his ammo, and has him at point-blank gunpoint.
    Rango: "It only takes one bullet."
    Jake: "You ain't got the nerve..."
    Rango: "Try me."
  • Jake's reaction after Rango successfully breaks out of the Bank of Dirt, knocking the Mayor on his shell and completely defusing the whole situation.
    "One bullet..."
  • Basically, every single frame containing Jake is a CMOA for someone. Special mention goes to his introduction, which demonstrates exactly why he's The Dreaded in a scene that's as terrifying as it is awesome.
    • He has a gun for a rattle. You don't get cooler than that.
    • Which makes Rango earning his respect at the end even more awesome.
  • The hawk showdown, in which Rango unintentionally fuels his whole "one bullet" spiel to the people of Dirt.
  • About a decade after Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius lost the first Acadamy Award for best animated feature film, Rango has become the first Nickelodeon animated movie to win.