Awesome / Ran

  • Kurogane magnificently one ups Lady Kaede with a thinly veiled "The Reason You Suck" Speech.
  • Saburo's Calling the Old Man Out moment during the beginning. Particularly when he subverts The Sons and the Spears trope to emphasize the fallibility of Hidetora's plan.
  • Kurogane pulls off his second Moment of Awesome when he slays Lady Kaede after finding out she successfully had Lady Sué assassinated.
  • Old man Hidetora, at his age, kills a soldier with a bow and arrow. As we see in the opening, he can also still perform archery on horseback. He's also more than willing to march down a set of stairs with his sword drawn and fight. Sadly his first swing breaks against a helmet.
  • The attack on the Third Castle. A horrifically staged, horrifyingly beautiful sequence.
  • Saburo's commander is like Kurogane in that he knows how to wage war. Unlike Kurogane he isn't ignored so Saburo's much smaller army falls back into the woods and keep shooting down Jiro's larger forces without losing a single man.