Awesome / Ralph Bakshi

  • His speech at the comic-con. It's the perfect Take That!.
    Bakshi: "You're crying over getting a job at Disney and things that are falling apart. The same thing the animators was doing when I was young. It's all crumbling. It's not crumbling! You're crumbling! You got these computers that could do that stuff for nothing. And what do you do with it? You're trying to get a job for some asshole studio!"
    Bakshi: "I didn't do what Disney said that I was going to fall apart. "If you don't do it Disney's way, you're nothing" and everyone said "yes. Yes, it's the only way, God. You can't do that, yes. God said we can't do this, our hands are tied".
  • Hell, the simple fact that he was able to get The Last Days of Coney Island funded, animated (mostly if not only by himself), completed, and released just in time for his 77th birthday after years of being in development hell! The man's still got his talent after all these years.