Awesome / Rain

  • Maria makes it clear to Todd that she won't tolerate him picking on her brother.
  • Maria comes out of the closet
  • Rudy snapping and telling off the ever annoying Drew. As seen right here.
  • Emily demonstrating that she understands Rain better here
  • Rain giving Kellen a calm but spectacular What the Hell, Hero? for what she did, and disowning her.
    • And it's followed shortly by Aiken's own What the Hell, Hero? moment where he spells out all the reasons why what she did was not only cruel, but just plain stupid and establishes that it's all on her, so he's staying completely out of whatever else happens between them.
  • Despite being probably the most hated character(and rightfully so) seeing Kellen chew out Chase for getting a teenager(Emily) pregnant. It doesn't redeem her, but seeing her technically stand up for Emily, who she has a mutual dislike for, and give Chase his first taste of consequences for his actions was satisfying.