Awesome / Raiden

  • The True Final Boss of Raiden IV, Horda Gestorada, as shown here. Bonus points for being one of the only two True Final Bosses in the entire Raiden series aside from Raiden DX. Divine Rampart, the True Final Boss in V, takes it Up to 11.
  • A meta example: After constant ROM encryption issues, Raiden II and DX finally achieving working status in MAME in September 2014, 21 and 20 years after their arcade releases, respectively. Neither game has an in-print rerelease, so this is a major breakthrough for those who haven't played the faces of 90's arcade Shoot Em Ups in years.
  • The achievement as boasted on Fabtek's poster. Over three years the original Raiden stayed on the arcade game charts, two years in the top ten. If you thought fighting games are the most popular of that era with such achievements, think again.