Also see [[AwesomeMusic/{{Radiohead}} Crowning Music Of Awesome]]
* Knowing how BrokenBase-inducing and SomethingCompletelyDifferent ''Kid A'' is, and how it wasn't really promoted with a media blitz or any singles or whatever, you can't help but feel kind of awesome when it ended up at #1 in the [[UsefulNotes/TheUnitedStates USA]] for a week. Thom himself said "We were Music/TheBeatles... for a week."
** It currently holds the spot of '''#67''' on the ''Rolling Stone'' top 500 albums list, the highest that any 21st century album on the list holds.
** Not awesome enough? Before the 2012 update, it was at #428, indicating a jump of '''361 spots'''.
* Music video example: the gasping defiance on Yorke's face during the final chorus of the video for "No Surprises."
** Another MV example: the "Nude" video, in all of its {{overcrank}}ed awesomeness.
* When Thom snuck into the Copenhagen Summit [[PaperThinDisguise disguised as a press member]] in the name of finding out what the hell was going on.
* A rather infamous one involving Music/{{Prince}}, who is rather outspoken for his views regarding [[DigitalPiracyIsEvil videos of his live performances being put up on YouTube.]] He decided to cover "Creep" at a live show one evening, and someone put it up online, only for that person to be served a cease and desist letter by Prince's lawyers. Cue Thom Yorke stepping in with: "Put it back up, Creep is ''our'' song." Never has {{irony}} been so sweet.
** Even more ironic seeing as "Creep" is the band's BlackSheepHit.
* There's a little awesome moment during "The Daily Mail", which begins as a soft ballad in the vein of "Codex" or "Pyramid Song" and then suddenly turns into a heavy rocker. The transition gives one chills.
* Whenever the band plays "The National Anthem" live, Jonny Greenwood randomly tunes into whatever stations are being broadcast in the area via his FM radio, so you can imagine the crowd's surprise at [[ the band's 2012 Mansfield, MA show]] when he tunes into, of all things, ''a radio station playing free form jazz''.
* The fact that Jonny programmed all of the software used for TKOL. In fact, let's just say that Jonny's obscenely wide range of musical expertise is awesome in itself. Just check out his Wikipedia article. Seriously.
* The live debut of "Treefingers"... almost twelve years after its release.
* The guitar solo in "Go to Sleep," particularly in this [[ Jools Holland live performance]]. CrazyAwesome.
* The distorted MetalScream at the end of "Climbing Up the Walls" will send shivers down your spine.
* [[ While singing "Myxomatosis" live]] Thom suddenly stops the whole concert [[SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments to help a fan who had passed out]], and then continues the song ''seamlessly''.
* There's something significant about [[ Thom asking their Glastonbury '03 audience if they were having a good time, and the whole place erupting in cheers]].
''[[TheStinger We ride tonight...]]''