Awesome / RENT

  • The opening number of the film is made even more powerful by having the tenants throw flaming eviction notices from the windows.
    We're not gonna pay, we're not gonna pay, we're not gonna pay
    Last year's rent! This year's rent! Next year's rent!
    Rent, rent, rent, rent, rent! We're not gonna pay rent! 'Cause!
  • "Hey mister..." (beat) "She's my SISTER!"
  • The Bag Lady's reaction to Mark filming her in "On The Street".
  • "Santa Fe"; all that dancing 'round on the streets of New York?
  • Maureen's first appearance in "Christmas Bells".
    Company: And it's beginning to- and it's beginning to- and it's beginning to-!
    Maureen: [Taking off her helmet] Joanne, which way to the stage?
    Company: SNOWWWW!
    • Followed by a Crazy Awesome song showcasing Maureen's wackiness. The difficulty of the song "Over the Moon" and the amount of energy needed to pull it off makes the whole sequence a CMOA for any given actress who plays her successfully.
    • "Christmas Bells" as a whole is a very impressive number, with at least half a dozen different parts going on simultaneously right before Maureen's entrance.
  • Mimi's not-so-subtle ways of flirting with Roger in "Light My Candle" and his subsequent reactions.
    Roger: Oh, the wax... it's-
    Mimi: Dripping. I like it between my-
    Roger: Fingers! I figured...
  • Angel's story of how she got the money in "Today 4 U".
  • Mark's quitting Buzzline near the end of 'What You Own' sends shivers down this troper's spine every time, for as relatively subtle a moment as it is.
    Mark: Alexi? Mark — call me a hypocrite — I need to finish my own film — I quit!
  • Mimi recounts Angel's epic Take That! against someone who was harassing her: "I'm more of a man than you'll ever be, and more of a woman than you'll ever get."
  • "Dearly beloved, we gather here to say our goodbyes..." evolving into "Is anyone out of the mainstream? Is anyone in the mainstream? Is anyone alive with a sex drive? Tear down the walls! Aren't we all? The opposite of war isn't peace, it's creation! La vie boheme... Viva La Vie Boheme!"
  • Benny gets one by footing the bill for Angel's funeral.
  • Mimi showing off her wild side in "Out Tonight," which is subsequently a CMOA for whichever given actress is playing her. It's an extremely difficult song, because not only does Mimi constantly switch between belting in her chest voice and howling like a wolf in her head voice, she does it while flipping, bending, kicking, pole dancing, and a ton of other crazy stuff while also flaunting her sexiness with all the confidence in the world. An actress playing Mimi is required to do all of that at the same time. Ladies, pull that off and you win musical theatre forever.
    • May be more of a Real Life crowning moment, but Daphne Rubin-Vega's "Out Tonight" at the 10th Anniversary deserves particular mention. Like her or not, you have to admit that actually climbing onto the bars and doing all the original choreography — which includes back bends, a split, and high kicks — in skintight pants and high heels, with barely any preparation (the entire cast had expected to be just sitting and singing, like a concert, not actually performing) is pretty darn impressive. Not to mention that this was after she'd had a kid. She was also borderline flawless with this song in the original Broadway production.
  • The Stage version of RENT. Finale B (which is Crowning Music of Awesome in itself), at the very end. Singing along, and then suddenly, everyone looks stage-right... and on runs Angel, who joins in singing. When this troper saw RENT, he knew perfectly well that it was coming, and he still burst into hysterically joyful tears.
    • At the very end of the final Broadway performance, the original cast coming out and singing "Seasons of Love" with the final cast is worth the price of the DVD alone.
  • For anyone singing Roger's part, his heartbroken "Mimiiiiiiiii" at the end of "Your Eyes" lasts twelve seconds, ending in a howl of pain. That takes serious lung power.