Awesome / Quincy, M.E.
aka: Quincy

  • Asten, of all people, has one of these in "Hot Ice" when Quincy's been poisoned - and he judo flips the guy responsible and gets him in a headlock to get him to tell the good guys what poison he used (without which they can't give Quince the antidote).
    • Turns out that Asten had once been in the military and learned some vicious combat skills, long before becoming a pathologist.
  • The series inspired a real-life Moment of Awesome for Jack Klugman and his brother Maurice.
  • "What Happened To Morris Perlmutter?" is notorious for shoving the episode's murder plot to the side to discuss senility in the elderly, but the title character is an aged actor who is afraid that his trouble in memorizing lines for a live television movie is a symptom of senility. Despite this, he shows everyone that he can do the job the same as he could in his youth by delivering a performance beyond expectation.
  • Season 7's "The Last of Leadbottom" is an entire episode of this- abandoning the usual social issues of the later seasons, it's a spy drama involving a traitor trying to sell military secrets to an enemy nation and Quincy actually throwing around his weight as a Naval Reserve captain to interfere- moreso when the Navy calls him back into active duty to assist in the investigation.

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