Awesome / Puzzle Pirates

Being a very competitive (at times) puzzle game, Puzzle Pirates has its own share of moments where someone can succeed so spectacularly that the story will be whispered about for years to come, this is the page for these stories.

  • Anyone who defeats El Pollo Diablo (To date, there have only been a few, and those who succeed only make the Black Ship more powerful) has been a part of one of these moments.
  • Another generic CMOA comes whenever the 'underdog' in a competition (that is, the lower ranked player) manages to beat someone several ranks above them (say, someone with a 'Novice' rank in the drinking game puzzle drinks a 'Grand Master' under the table). To witness these events can be extremely interesting.
    • It becomes sadly less awesome if it turns out (as it often does) that the "underdog" is actually a new alt of a very skilled player. Some create such characters to try to hustle unsuspecting suckers into making large bets, in the manner of pool sharks etc; others simply find that no one is willing to play against them on their main, due to ranking and/or reputation.