Awesome / Pumpkin Scissors

  • In the first episode, Oland under the influence of the blue lantern, punches through the (generally armored glass) viewslit of a tank with his 13mm gun and shoots the driver in the head.
  • Alice near-effortlessly wielding the Mahne, an enormous double-bladed sword designed for cavalry units, against Claymore I and buying time for the sewer refugees.
  • Alice getting in a knife fight, machete versus main-gauche, in heels and a ballgown.
  • Randel defeating a Londerian royal guard simply by firing twice and holding on to him as horses and carriages charge straight at them, intimidating him so much that he was a sobbing wreck when Randel threw him through a window into the ballroom. This immediately stop the peasants who were about to attack Alice and the nobles.
  • During the Karussel arc, Alice and another officer, having discovered the local conspiracy, are captured by the corrupt militia, whose leader wish them killed via waterboarding. After ten minutes of torture, she notices there's only one guard left near the other officer because every one is sadistically watching her die. She takes out her hidden dagger, jump-kick out of the water and cut two guards with her hands still bound, cut her ropes holding the knife in her teeth and completely destroys five opponents with swords and guns, all by herself. Uber badass.
    • During that same arc, Randel single-handedly took out an armored train. First by cutting up the soldiers with his giant metal-cutting scissors, then taking them out with his Hand Cannon when they hide inside the train. He freaked them out so much that most of the damage was done by the soldiers blindly shooting the train's cannons, causing plenty of friendly fire and collateral damage. The whole battle was likely the scariest Mook Horror Show this series has managed to present.
    Randel: Why don't all of you guys...join me in my dreams...!!
    • Mile, the mayor, delivering a verbal shot to Harvey so penetrating that the latter can only Rage Quit by killing him.
  • Randel unleashes his Big Brother Instinct in District 0 and mauls the would-be gunner like a wild bear.
  • Alice suddenly being rescued from a negotiation gone wrong by an ambush of armed catgirls, presenting a fraction of the Don's captured henchmen and forcing him to reconsider the negotiation.