Awesome / Puma Man

  • Vadinho basically beats the crap out of all of Kobras' henchmen singlehandedly, even no-selling a dropkick to the chest, while Tony goofily leaps around in the background, generally being unhelpful. This is after he already destroyed part of Kobras' mind-control doohickey and freed the world leaders from its clutches. By this point, the script is the only one still calling Tony the hero.
    Servo: Yes! The Aztec speaks for all of us!
  • About the one thing Tony manages to do on his own (albeit with some guidance about his powers from Vadinho) is rescuing Vadinho, who has been captured and is getting his ass kicked by Kobras's goons (meant to be bait for a trap). It doesn't look any less ridiculous than any other time Tony uses his powers in the film, but it still counts. He even rips off the roof of the car like it's (as Mike Nelson says, 'contact paper') and basically traps/crushes the guys inside.
  • Puma Man manages to outwit a bunch of goons during a car chase, grabs a goon, interrogates him mid-air. He later teleports to his friend, Martin's mini-firetruck and grabs Martin's tracking device to track Jane's car (thus finding Kobras' Lair).
  • Tony Farms as Tony Farms seemed to be a better butt-kicker than Tony Farms as Pumaman. Watch the fight scene when Tony's smooching with Jane at the embassy. He easily beats up 5 mooks and is then able to sneak through a crowded room with his nightvision after Vadinho kills the power to the building.