Awesome: Pucca

  • Pucca herself.
    • Never hurt Garu in front of her or she WILL destroy you.
  • The chefs making a noodle that's long enough to circle the globe. And Garu managing to run around the world with it and not get tired.
  • The challenge the chefs go through to regain their honor in 'Chef slump'.
  • Garu taking out Tobe's blimp while riding on Pucca's kite.
  • Pucca defeating Tobe in his dream.
  • Just about the entire episode "High voltage ninja's" Tobe gets electric powers from a lightning bolt and becomes incredibly powerful. Pucca is able to give Garu electric powers as well and they have an all out electric duel.
  • Santa AKA Red Lantern vs. Black Powder in "Tis the season for revenge". He uses christmas bombs and mistletoe for weapons!
  • Ching spends a whole episode trying to stage a Rescue Romance situation to attract Abyo's attention. When Abyo gets caught in these and is kidnapped instead, Ching immediately goes Violently Protective Girlfriend on his kidnappers. That's what she *actually* needed to charm him.
  • Pucca spinning a playground merry go round so fast that it goes BACK IN TIME!
  • Pucca, Abyo and Ching's song in "And the band played rong".
  • Garu's clone dumps Pucca and asks her if she thought it was a committed relashonship. Pucca responds by beating the crap out of him, Garu see's this and smiles as he joins her and they tag team him.
  • In "Tokyo a go go" Garu is sucked into the belly of a giant sumo that was fused from 3 other sumo. So Pucca transforms into a Sailor Senshi to save him.
  • Pucca defeating a transformer from Texas with square dance music.
    • And when the two texans come back in a later ep, she beats them again by tripping the robot and making it fall on the SUV factory.
  • In "Little miss Sooga" Garu is bored and only giving the contestants in the beauty pageant 1 point. But Pucca ends up doing martial arts aerial moves with her fans and Garu gives her a 10. Pucca and Ringring go all out in a battle with Garu increasing his score throughout it. At the end he gives Pucca a 1.000.000!
  • The ultimate ninja move Tobe is taught in "Invincible vengeance", if only he could perform it right.
  • Dada defeating Robogodrilla in "Janitaurus" and at the end of the episode he demonstrates that he has Took a Level in Badass.
  • "Hex door neighbor" shows that Pucca is so sweet and loving, that her good energy can turn anything dark and gloomy into bright and lively.
  • Pucca and Garu singing a duet in "Hooray for Bollywood", they both have incredible singing voices.
  • In "He loves me not" Ringring has Dada pretend to be Garu and break Pucca's heart and stage a wedding between him and Ringring. The real Garu comes in and exposes the scheme. Pucca's anger and sadness has already caused a storm to manifest and once Ringring forcefully grabs the real Garu, Pucca goes all out. Her hair buns come undone and a unknown power surrounds her as Ringring tries to hit her only to be blocked by a force field. Pucca unleashed a massive burst of light and Ringring lets go of Garu and is weakened. Garu takes the opportunity to kick the wedding cake into Ringring and she is sent flying into the storm in the sky.
  • Super Sooga Squad. The whole episode.
  • Pucca defeating both Ringring's with a noodle power up in "Tame that toon".
  • Master Soo giving his brother a atomic wedgie. And it is Atomic!
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