Awesome / Princess Resurrection

  • Hime is the master of Crowning Moment of Awesome. She begins the series by killing a werewolf far more powerful than herself using a sword and Hiro as a distraction.
  • Having only recovered from a cold, Hime takes out an undead Pharaoh while Dual Wielding a pair of chainsaws.
  • In the manga, after Sherwood makes use of a Triffid against Hime, Hime turns the tables on her sister by embracing her, ensuring the Triffid will squeeze them both to death if Sherwood doesn't call it off.
    • The anime alters this. Hime and the others simply burn the Triffid down, and then launch it against Sherwood, who turns it to her own moment by surviving until sunset, when the Triffid withers and dies.
  • Fighting a trio of werewolves who have violated their clan's taboo about becoming blood warriors, Hime and her allies dispatch them, and then lock them in a cellar. As they revive, Hime greets them with a number of pistols loaded with silver bullets, and then proceeds to shoot them repeatedly until the magic keeping them alive wears off.
    • The battle with these werewolves is also a Crowning Moment for Riza. Up to that point, a large deal was made about how much more powerful a full blooded werewolf was against a half-breed like Riza. However, after one of the werewolves makes some disparaging remarks about Riza's parents (suggesting that her father was in wolf form when he mated with her mother), she manages to come out on top of the fight and leave his corpse for Hime to finish off.
  • During Hime's first dealing with Reiri, Hime willingly took in vampire blood and used that information to track Reiri to her home, where she forced Reiri's hand with a white ash stake.
    • In the anime, the scene plays out differently, with Reiri actually making it into Hime's mansion. Hime draws Reiri into a tight embrace, learns that Reiri cannot disperse into bats while being held, and then proceeds to menace her with the stake while Reiri is held by Flandre.
  • Hime successfully figures out that they are in Hiro's dream when under assault by a dream world. She then uses a masterful Batman Gambit, knowing that Flandre would call in Sherwood for help, and that Sherwood would provide her blood to a dangerously weak Hiro. When Hiro tastes blood, he immediately dreams of Hime, ejecting the real Hime from the dream. She then follows Flandre to the assassin, a member of the Race of Yith, and her face is the last thing the would be killer sees.
  • Riza gets her fair share of Moments of Awesome as well. One of her first comes when dealing with the Fish People at the lake. Serving as Hime's proxy, she proceeds to take down a giant fish man.
    • The anime plays this scene slightly differently. Initially the fish man, named Poseidon in the anime, manages to shove Riza aside like a rag doll. Then she gets a look at the full moon, and she becomes an unstoppable force.
  • Riza's race with the Headless Horseman is also of note.
  • Riza and Reiri get a joint moment when facing off against Nakua, a spider-deity that has been feeding off the students at Hiro's school.
  • While in Monster Jail, Riza not only proceeds to earn the trust and respect of full blooded werewolves by utterly dominating their leader in a fight, she also takes on a female vampire in a bloody fight where it looks initially like Riza is at a disadvantage after taking a series of blows, only to get up and win the battle.
    Riza: You're not as sharp as Reiri. You're not as fast as Kinski.
  • Hime. Chapter 66.
    Hime: I am Royalty...
  • Kinski steals a life-preserving toxin that Hime and co are trying to retrieve in 82. He beats up Riza in the cage fight to reclaim it but allows her to live and captures Reiri. He demands that Hime retrieve the toxin and Reiri herself, which, Hime being who she is, she does. She takes two weapons into the cage in 83, a chainsaw and Hiro. He reveals why he chose a cage fight against Hime: since he knows she's gained phoenix abilities, it occurs to him that if she wanted to, she could burn everyone around her alive and be done with it. However he also knows how attached she is to her servants and that she won't do that. Hiro and Reiri both get their moment by agreeing that they don't mind burning so long as Hime survives. Hime's true moment comes when while Hiro is fighting and trying to grab Kinski, she transforms him (Hiro) into a Flame Warrior, a near immortal with power over fire. The fire in Hiro spreads when Kinski tries to stab Hiro's hand and unfortunately for him, causes the toxin keeping him alive to evaporate, making him easy prey for Hime's chainsaw. Wow, Kinski, when Hime's involved, you just can't win.