Awesome / Princess Mononoke

  • While the film was ultimately about how hatred and violence only leads to bad things, it's still great when Ashitaka steps up to fight, whether it's simply to break up a fight between San and Eboshi, or CATCH A DAMN ARROW AND SEND IT BACK.
  • Moro, running on what little strength she has, fights a demonized Okkotto in order to save San. Also counts as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming and a Tear Jerker.
  • San surviving a shot from Eboshi's new rifles. Keep in mind, these are the same rifles meant to pierce samurai armor like paper and it shatters her mask made of clay but all it does is knock her out cold.
  • Ashitaka is made of these. In particular is when he opens the door that takes the strength of ten men to lift, while carrying San and with a blood pouring from a gunshot wound through his torso.
    • And then there's the part where he bends a sword in half like paper!
  • Which was really just the final moment in a chain of awesome. Starting with tossing a massive beam of wood to keep the townsfolk from attacking a stunned San, and reaching a pinnacle as he plows through the crowd, all tranquil fury, to break up said fight. Like a boss.
  • San busting into the village by herself, surviving getting shot in the face and taking on Lady Eboshi by herself is BADASS.
    • On the flipside, Lady Eboshi was calmly taking a on a woman who literally ran through her village with a Smug Smile on her face without breaking a sweat.
  • Lady Eboshi. She buys up the bond of every brothel girl she meets and gives them a new and better life in Irontown. Also, she kills gods.
    • How about taking a bunch of lepers and turning them into military engineers?
    • "Now watch closely, everyone. I'm going to show you how to kill a god." Even if I didn't want her to succeed, I couldn't help to smile at the pure badassery of those words.
    • Keep in mind, we have no idea who Eboshi was or why she decided to defend Iron Town. This woman just showed up with a bunch of warriors and started fighting off forest gods. All without breaking a sweat.
  • Moro, having just used the last of her strength to pull San free from Akoto and is being consumed by the death slime, opens her eyes when she hears Lady Eboshi's voice and just her head dives towards Eboshi and bites off her arm in revenge.
  • Ashitaka's defining moment is breaking up the fight between Eboshi and San, while summing up the Gray and Gray Morality of the movie.
    Ashitaka: "Look everyone! This is what hatred looks like! This is what it does when it catches hold of you! It's eating me alive and very soon now it will kill me. Fear and anger only make it grow faster."
  • Ashitaka has just been shot and is bleeding heavily. Even so, he doesn't stop walking out of Irontown with San and Yakul.
  • Just when things are at their worst, San and Ashitaka raise the head of the forest god to return it. Ashitaka's curse spreads to San and covers both of them in seconds.
  • When Ashitaka is trying to convince Jigo to give the Forest Spirit his head back, Jigo refuses... only to have San step in and ask (no, snarl) "Why are you wasting your breath talking to him?" If you look closely, you notice Jigo makes a sheepish smile at her accusation, as if to say: "yeah, she has a point."
  • Toki showcasing leadership skills in the siege of Iron Town and when the Nightwalker attacks.
  • Jigo tries telling San and Ashitaka about how everybody wishes for somethings and he's finally going to get what he wished for in an attempt to convince Ashitaka to just let the Nightwalker disappear and for him to get away with the head only to have Ashitaka just say "Please don't make me kill you." in a "I'm tired of your shit right now" kind of voice.
    • Jigo putting up a fight with Ashitaka is also epic, especially with his small stature.