Awesome / Power Pack

  • Original series, #50: Power Pack, five (Franklin was with them at the time) pre-teen kids, defeating the Force Four, the four elite warriors of the Kymellians. In short: Power Pack is tricked to face the Force Four in combat, under the guise of a training session. Despite their opponents only being children, Force Four does not hold back and attacked the team with all their strength. They use a device to capture Julie while she is in her cloud form, and trap the other Power Pack members in a force field. But just when it seems they won, the kids get their Heroic Second Wind, escape and beat the crap out of the Force Four.
  • All-Ages series, Thor and the Warriors Four: Alex wielding Mjölnir to combat Jormungand, saving the real Thor and gaining a costume identical to Thor’s in the process.
  • In a plot where Doctor Doom has pulled a Grand Theft Me on Franklin, none of the adults have noticed "Franklin's" change in behavior (his parents had decided to take him out of school and keep him at home; the real Franklin protested violently while Doom doesn't really care and hasn't bothered). Jack on the other hand notices and is worried. When "Franklin" violently brushes him off, Jack recruits his siblings to go check up on their friend. When they show up, "Franklin" has put the Fantastic Four under mind control and sics them on the Power Pack. The kids manage to hold their own for quite some time and Jack accidentally gets Franklin back to normal; he grabs one of the mind-control chips and slaps it on Franklin's neck, intending to short-circuit him. The shock-wave swaps Franklin and Doom back into their correct bodies and enables Franklin to shut off the mind control.