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Awesome / Police Academy

  • Police Academy
    • "DON'T MOVE, DIRTBAG!!!"
    • At the start of the film, two Jerkass cadets are commenting about how many black people there are. Cue a reproachful look from Hightower (play by football star Bubba Smith), which makes them change their tune.
      • Then midway through the film, Hooks runs over the foot of one of the Jerkass cadets, who abuses her with racist comments. Even Harris knows that this is a bad idea, as Hightower calmly walks over to the cadet, who had by now locked himself in the squad car, and tipped it over for his remarks.
    • Before that, Hightower (thanks to some tutoring by Mahoney) OWNS the driving course; even Harris is impressed.
    • After a group of rioters trap Jones, Mahoney, George and Lassard in Lassard's car, Jones grabs the PA system mic from Lassard and imitates gunfire, dispersing the group.
    • Cadet Leslie Barbara gets to be badass twice in the first film. The first time had him stand up for Mahoney after Mahoney had just saved him from the two cadets who had been bulling him all year. The second time has him beat the shit out of the gang that bullied him at the start of the film ( though it turned out they weren't stealing anything, they're moving out due to the city-wide riot, oops.)
    • The firing range scene. Everybody is firing away with their standard issue revolvers. Cue Tackleberry with a Hand Cannon obliterating his target.
  • The entire climax of Back in Training.
    • Commadant Lassard beating up a mook.
  • Lassard taking out the diamond thief in Assignment Miami Beach, after being informed that its not a training scenario being acted out, but an actual hostage situation. There's a reason Cloud Cuckoo Lander Lassard rose to his high position in the first place.
  • Tackleberry showing up a mook with his marksmanship skill. The mook uses his submachine gun to create a Smiley face on a wall; Tackleberry uses his own to spell out "HAVE A NICE DAY" underneath it.