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Awesome / Pokémon: Zoroark: Master of Illusions

  • Zoroark's Roaring Rampage of Revenge counts as one long one. Highlights include:
    • Broke out of her cage by herself, tearing through solid electrified metal with her bare claws.
    • Her rescue of the outnumbered Dawn and Brock: blasts away at a bunch of Ninjask with Dark Pulse, takes out Goon's two Scizor with one Night Slash each note , then blowing them all away with a single well-placed Night Daze.
    • Fought three Legendaries to a standstill.
    • Set up Kodai's Humiliation Conga with an illusion. With a little smirk.
    • After Kodai realized the illusion, he electrocutes Zoroark with his claw, leaving her writing in pain. Zoroark fights through it and grabs the claw, overpowers it with a Dark Pulse and knocks Kodai on his ass, then tears what remains off her neck. In addition, she only showed how much she was really affected by it until AFTER Kodai fled.
    • As she suffers her temporary death, she brings Kodai down with one last illusion.
    • Zoroark makes every other Pokemon in the series look like they're made of cardboard, and is a member of a species of Glass Cannons. Bad. Ass.
  • When Zorua-disguised-as-Celebi was exposed, Karl's Bronzor (who had tagged along with him) uses Extrasensory on Kodai's truck, smashing it against a tree. Sure Kodai got out before impact, but he actually messed with the Big Bad instead of just floating there. In addition, being taken down afterward enraged Zorua, who then bit his wrist, disabling his Illusion-Canceler and setting up his Humilation Conga.
    • It also gets a Big Damn Heroes towards the climax, shielding Ash from Kodai's Mismagus with a Reflect.