Awesome / Pokémon: Arceus and the Jewel of Life

  • Arceus vs. the Creation Trio, and boy did the trio put up one hell of a fight.
    • Special mention must go to Giratina, who pulled an impressive psych out on Arceus by powering up an attack while coming up behind him. Only to teleport at the last second and attack from the side instead.
  • Pikachu is able to wound Arceus. Sure it's mostly because he's missing his Zap Plate, but still. Pretty badass for a mouse Pokemon.
  • Ash Ketchum swings down on a protruding post and catches the Jewel of Life between his legs. Assassin's Creed much?
    • Ahem. Ash Ketchum leaps off of a cliff, falls a good twenty feet, snags a protruding post with one hand, uses the swing to catch the falling Jewel with his lower legs, and then safely drops the Jewel to where Pikachu is waiting below to catch it. Benevolent Architecture exists so Ash Ketchum can play Assassin's Creed in real life.note