Awesome / Plankton's Eye View

  • The entire story in contrast to One Less Lonely Gurl.
  • The C'ren bashing in the first chapter of the story.
  • This gem: "The important thing for me now is to be able to apologize to him one last time before his last breath. Whether he forgives me or not is no longer important if he is already a dying crab. The best gift I can give to an old friend I've been in a war with for almost my whole life is an apology in his hospital bed. Besides, I made the decision to go on this journey back home, and there is no more turning back." (Chapter 13)
  • Everyone becoming a success in ten years and what happened to all of them.
  • Stanley's otherwise disastrous power to destroy everything he touches is portrayed as awesome here, becoming the key to his success. He even talks about using your weaknesses as opportunities.
  • The last chapter of the story, where Plankton finally lets go of the past.