Awesome / Plague Inc

  • Beat whatever plague on Brutal mode. You will be satisfied.
    • Or, for that matter, the Shut Down Everything scenario without special plagues. There is satisfaction to be had when you say "screw you" to the governments on lockdown and kill them anyway.
    • Beating it on Mega-Brutal is even more incredible. One false step will have the humans hammering away on the cure before you ever have a prayer of stopping them
  • Unlocking cheats mode, it's very satisfying to have worked so hard figuring out the game, and then being able to just play with its mechanics as you wish.
  • Humanity itself deserves one. Every single one fights to the bitter end to cure the pathogen even when they have organ failure, comas, mental instability, profuse internal bleeding, and are dying by the millions every day.
  • As explained on Shown Their Work on the main page, this game managed to impress the CDC. It's a testament to how awesome this game is.
  • The Simian Flu expansion effectively made Plague Inc into a bit of a licensed game. No Problem with Licensed Games!
  • The Ancient Egyptians from the Multiple-Choice Past Necroa virus? The fact it was already in a pyramid and they added warnings of a plague that could destroy humanity means they were fully aware of the virus, what it can do and were able to CONTAIN it. Their method worked until the pyramid was unearthed
  • Even though it's pretty much required to happen in every game, finally spreading to Greenland feels pretty badass.