Awesome / Pink Panther

  • From The Pink Panther Strikes Again: Inspector Clouseau has tried, tried, tried to stop Dreyfus - having finally entered his castle (disguised as a dentist) after several failed attempts to get over the moat, and now hiding in a suit of armor, he tries to swing over on a rope to stop the villain from unleashing his disintegrating laser on England. Alas, he winds up outside; weary and defeated, he sits down...not realizing he's sitting on an old catapult. A goat has been nibbling on the ropes tying its throwing arm back...Clouseau is flung atop the laser, it swings into the room and malfunctions, zapping Dreyfus and causing him, then the castle, to vanish (though somehow he returned later), while Clouseau and everyone else escapes. The karmic power of The Fool has rarely been more awesome, befitting one of cinema's most awesome Fools.