Awesome / Paul Blart: Mall Cop

  • Right up until his hypoglycemia kicked in, Blart was doing fantastically well on the obstacle course, ultimately beating out most of the skinnier, fitter guys.
  • Let's be honest, pretty much every time Paul took down a bad guy.
    • First: Knocking out the guy who threatened to kill Amy.
    • Second CMoA: Blart knocking the guy out with the scuba tank. "Scuba-dooby-doo."
    • Third:
    Kent: Oh, please. Like Paul Blart is a badass. (kaboom)
    • Fourth: Pretending to take a fall and knocking Veck down.
    • Fifth: using a hockey stick to sweep someone's ankles out from under him, and then hit him in the stomach before he lands.
  • A subtle moment. After headbutting the guy who threatened Amy, Paul sends the skateboard back to the bank. Veck, who witnesses this, is horrified, and closes the door to the bank. He's scared of the mall cop.