Awesome / Password

The password is "awesome". (ding)
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    All Versions 
  • Basically any time someone guesses the Password (and/or the Password Puzzle on the NBC versions) with just one clue.
  • Any contestant on Plus or Super who retired undefeated.

  • Any Lightning Round that is completed in a ridiculously short time. The unconfirmed record is ten seconds.

    Password ABC 
  • Any player who wins the max in the Lightning Round, then successfully doubles it on the Betting Word.

    Password Plus 
  • Contestant Terri Edler winning $53,800, including an Alphabetics that reached $35,000 only once.

    Super Password 
  • Contestant Natalie Steele setting the franchise record of $106,000; a record that was never broken.
  • Jim Bontempo winning $76,000, including a $45,000 end game and a record $12,000 Cashword.