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Awesome: Papers, Please
  • When you catch a certain smuggler, he attempts to bribe you. Your reply, if you choose to detain him anyway? "You cannot bribe an officer of Arstotzka." You may be a border guard for a backward, communistic nation, you may reject even the most desperate of people, you may be a nameless bad guy, but dammit, you have principles and you'll stand by them.
  • When the protagonist detains the slave trader that woman is afraid of. Who says a member of the border control can't be a crusader for justice?
    • The best part is that you have absolutely no evidence or justification for holding him, beyond the note from the woman. But you live in the glorious nation of Arztotska. And you have a badge. And when you tell the soldiers he's a bad guy and they take him away based on your word, you get a warm feeling inside, knowing that even repressive governments sometimes get it right.
      • There's also the newspaper headline the next day. "Human trafficking ring shut down! Sharp-eyed border officer catches out mastermind!"
  • Any time you take down a terrorist (or several) with your rifle, saving the lives of the border guards.
  • Jorji getting the proper paperwork to get in. Even though it's forged.
  • The three good endings.
  • When someone drops a bomb on your desk, Calensk walks in and calmly goes "What is this amateur shit?" before telling you how to disarm it (mocking how cheap it is the whole time) and then just tells you to hand it over so he can sell it for parts. You don't even need to shut down the checkpoint. Calensk has balls of steel.
  • Your boss, Dimitri, is generally a callous hardass who docks your pay if you put anything besides official MoA plaques on the wall of your booth. He even has the gall to order you to break protocol and let his lover, Shae Piersovska, through. However, if you deny Ms. Piersovska without detaining her Dimitri comes in the next day and yells at you for making him look like "a powerless fool." Take that you arrogant bastard.
  • Can we put down a lone man making a game centered around simulating paper pushing and it being as good and popular as it did as a meta one?
    • Game Informer even put it on their Top 50 Games of 2013 and gave it the award of Best Simulation.
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