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Awesome: Overboard
  • "Anne's" verbal beat-down of the obnoxious principal Mrs. Burbridge.
    Mrs. Burbridge: Well no, I... well yes, but...
    Annie: But WHAT? My children are in need of medical assistance! And you can sit here and smugly lecture me on the importance of tests? Tests which exist to pigeonhole children's potential, a thing which cannot possibly be measured, least of all by anal compulsive HUNS! And my husband may be a "large child", but that's none of your business! And my children may be rotten, but they're MINE. And I think that they're bright, and sensitive, so I have no doubts whatsoever about their intelligence. I do however have serious doubts about YOURS.
  • Dean knocks on the boys' clubhouse door.
    Travis: Who is it?
    Dean: Doctor Death, let's go!
    Travis: We're gonna get her back!
  • Andrew prevents Grant from harming Joanna or Dean, by "literally" kicking him off his own (or more accurately Joanna's) ship.
    Andrew: I'm giving my notice, sir!
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