Awesome / Outnumbered

In a sitcom like this where humour is the main export, you do still get a couple.

  • In Season 1, Jake's method for dealing with bullying: Make friends with the biggest guy in the class and get him to beat up the bully in the bathroom.
  • When Angela is revealed to have insulted the kids during the wedding (series 2, episode 1), Sue kicks her hard up the backside.
  • A joint one for Ben and for Pete in Series 3, Episode 2. In the episode where Ben runs around while playing chess, Pete's somewhat arrogant mother starts to note that Pete has almost never won anything against her. Pete gets Ben to challenge her at chess, and he promptly checkmates her in less than five moves. A Moment of Awesome for Ben winning, and Pete's for reminding her to not be so arrogant.
  • Also when Ben is in a chess tournament at school, Pete rebukes the referee snapping at him for making funny noises while playing (especially since within all her strictness she has no rule saying the referee can't be the other child's mum). When she finally loses it and is about to drag Ben out of the game, her son begins making the same playful noises and actions as him, much to her chagrin.
  • Pete's friend Rick gets one when Jerkass tennis player Lance keeps stirring up a fuss and claiming that Karen is working against him. (To be fair, on one occasion she made a bad judgement but he made more than her). And that Ben is playing mind-games. When Lance says that he doesn't need to cheat to beat Rick and Pete, having played for his county, Rick is undeterred and simply asks "Which county was that then? Wankershire?"
  • After Karen is hit by a car in the finale of Series 3, Pete and Jake get a visit from the annoying anti-speedbump campaigner and verbal asskicking ensues shortly before Jake shuts the door in his face.
    Pete (shortly after being asked if he is in favour of speedbumps): Let me see. I would say... given that my child is currently in hospital, having been hit by a speeding car, I would say on balance, erm, that my exact position is that in order to slow down all the shrivel-cocked Jeremy Clarkson wannabes, (gesturing at the campaigner) such as your good self, who seem to feel that any speed restriction is an abuse of their basic human right to drive like a pillock, I would be in favour of speed bumps. And, as a further traffic calming measure, I would also be in favour of rocket propelled grenades, targeted to disappear up their STUPID, COMPLACENT LITTLE ARSES!
    Campaigner stands in shocked silence.
    Pete: There, is that entirely clear for you?
  • The wife of Jerkass Norris calls him out at the Brockman's Christmas Party, promptly comes out in front of the entire room and walks off with her new partner.
  • How Karen, Pete and Sue deal with Karen's passive aggressive classmate Sue had brought home.
    • Sue takes her home early and says they'll just wait in the car until her parents get home.
    • Karen happily explaining that she'd have to stab her classmate with an epipen due to her allergies,
    • Pete serving up ice cream, which said passive aggressive classmate cannot eat. He later gives Karen permission to blame Sue for all her problems at school.
  • Karen gets one when, after the head of her new school tells her what she's doing wrong (in an admittedly very nasty speech that really shouldn't be given to any child), she wises up and actually becomes a better person.
  • When it appears that Angela won't give any help whatsoever to Grandad, Jake is one of the people to manipulate her into helping. He also stands up for his parents when Angela calls them mediocrities.
  • Spartacus the Musical. One part awesome for the directors and writers to actually produce one out of universe, one part awesome for Karen getting Ben to overcome his fear and give it a go. The biggest part of awesome has to be Ben actually going onstage and, in spite of his dreadful singing voice, managing to get an outstanding ovation and keep going even when there are serious problems or mistakes in the production. There's a reason that his classmates proudly hoist him into the air after they're done.
    • Really the whole final episode for Pete and Sue regarding their kids. Between Jake supporting them by getting money off Angela, Karen encouraging Ben to get over his stage fright and Ben's victorious performance, it's clear they've actually done a good job as parents despite all the difficulties and the kids are going to be fine.
  • After Jake spends a lengthy night self righteously criticizing Sue and Pete's parenting, they decide he is right and ask him to set a stroppy Karen right, smugly watching the resulting Epic Fail.