Awesome: Otoyomegatari

  • After receiving a gift of some lovely bread, Amir decides that the best way to repay her newly made friend is to grab her bow and shoot her a bird out of the sky.
  • The villagers certainly have lots of bricks to throw at unwelcome guests.
  • Mr. Smith is no badass, but scaring away a group of armed riders and rescuing Karluk and Amir with an impromptu flock of sheep is quite something.
  • Balkirsh riding up a mountain on a goat to rescue a child. She's HOW old again?!
  • Amir saving Karluk from her own father. Her brother Azel is no slouch either when fighting the Badan.
  • Balkirsh personally killing Amir's father, so that he won't come back and cause more death and destruction.

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