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Awesome: osu!
  • Let's just say that every single existing player can invoke one by FC (Full Combo)-ing an insanely hard (or long) beatmap, or dethroning top players at certain beatmaps. Passing a "thought-to-be-humanly-impossible" map also counts.
  • Cookiezi is basically the source of almost all awesome moments that happened in this game. Examples:
    • He got to 1,025x combo on "The Big Black", generally regarded to be one of the hardest beatmap the community has ever seen.
    • Almost FC'd "chipscape", which is another extremely hard beatmap known to players, with the HD (Hidden) mod.
    • FC'd "Symphonic Love" on the Love difficulty with the DT (DoubleTime), HD, AND FL (Flashlight) mods. It's not the beatmap that is crazy, it's basically THIS guy that's going frantic.
    • And then he got to FC "Sayonara Kimi no Koe" on Insane, with the exact same mods as when he FC'd "Symphonic Love". And then he quitted. Sayonara, indeed.
  • Awesome is when you can make a storyboard as crazy as the one here and have a freaking Elite Storyboarder title given to you by the higher-ups of the community because of that.
    • Have another awesome one. The storyboarder is later (a few days after the map is ranked) given the same Elite Storyboarder title as the aforementioned one.
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