Awesome / Orson Welles

  • This man while known as one of the greatest Multitaskers in the world being an actor, producer and director; got his start by causing America to believe that it was under Martian Attack with the infamous The War of the Worlds radio brodcast.
  • How about the fact that he co-wrote, directed, produced, and starred in what is now considered one of the Greatest Movies of All Time at the young age of 24.
  • A lot of people see much of his European career as this, considering how he made very great movies on what only barely amounts to a budget. The depiction of the Battle of Shrewsbury in Chimes at Midnight is particularly stunning and feels very much like many battle scenes on film do 50 years later, and Welles had very little money for it.
  • His monologue in Compulsion.
  • Although his voice was weak due to ill health, the fact that he provided the voice of Unicron in The Transformers: The Movie has made him the stuff of legend to Transformers fans, who were likely too young to have truly heard of him prior. Despite his ill health, he completed his recording sessions not long before he died, becoming an immortal part of the Transformers mythos as Unicron was his final, and for many 80s kids, most beloved role. While others have taken up the role in the decades since, most people regard Welles as the best, for obvious reasons.