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Awesome: Oniisama e...
For every dramatic moment in this series, there are also moments that make you want to cheer.
  • Kaoru rejecting her Sorority invitation and saying that to Fukiko's face. And two episodes later, mauling Aya and her Girl Posse for bullying her in the middle of class.
    • And again, when in episode 29 she gives Fukiko a huge What the Hell, Hero? and comes up with the idea of dissolving the Sorority.
  • Tomoko defending Nanako from bullies in episode 7. More noticeable and heartwarming because, thanks to Mariko's manipulations, she was mad as Hell because she thought Nanako had abandoned her... but the moment she saw Nanako defenseless, she left that aside and did what she thought it was the right thing.
  • Rei covering for Kaoru in the basketball episode.
  • Nanako standing up for Junko, and later willingly leaving the Sorority to support Mariko when she's kicked out of it.
  • Mariko calling out both of her parents. Overlaps with Tear Jerker.
  • Rei stopping the very misguided Miyuki and Megumi from burning the sorority petition books under the orders of Ogiwara and Komabayashi.
  • Fukiko tries to stop Nanako from visiting Rei. She tries to trap her in an elevator, orders her around, slaps her, and instead of going home, Nanako calls Fukiko out for her cruel behavior towards Rei.
    Nanako: You never do anything for St. Juste-sama!
  • Also, for all of the "weak" and "pushover" accusations from fandom, Nanako has a subtle one as early as episode 9, when she's capable of saying "no" to Mariko after the infamous birthday party incident. After the failed Murder-Suicide, Mariko comes to school late and sits next to Nanako, taking her hand and trying to apologize. Nanako says nothing and swiftly retires her hand, letting Mariko know that she's angry and for a good reason, and it'll take Mariko quite a bit of time to earn forgiveness. And in that said episode, when she asks Rei for painkillers for a pretty much passed-out Kaoru and Rei replies with all kind of odd phrases, Nanako slaps Rei.
    Nanako:"H-how can you laugh in a moment like this?! what's so funny? Our friend is in danger!"
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