Awesome: One Piece Pirate Warriors

Pirate Warriors 1

  • Luffy defeating Akainu with a Gomu Gomu no Giant Gatling.

Pirate Warriors 2

  • During the "Return to Thriller Bark" Arc, Moria is on the verge of being defeated by the heroes, but he summons even more zombies to his aid. "The longer the battle continues, the more zombies I can summon." Cue a stream of water one-shotting them all. Jimbei arrives and says: "It seems zombies don't like salt." Moria starts attacking Jimbei to steal his shadow, but he parries the attack and one-shots Moria with a Shark Karate Strike.

  • During the Return to Punk Hazard Arc, Akainu arrives and the Straw Hat/Whitebeard Alliance is cornered by the Fleet Admiral's strength. Just when a few members are about to be melted....the attack freezes. Aokiji appeared. And his response to Akainu asking why he's there? I missed seeing your face..

  • Brook shrugging off Mihawks's attacks count as one.

  • During the Marineford War, Akainu is driven into a corner by the full force of the Straw Hat/Whitebeard alliance and prepare to counter attack against the Whitebeard pirates. Ace comes to block the incoming attack, saving a lot of his crew in the process as he himself gets hurt by the magma attack. Luffy come to his aid, only for Akainu to leap on both Ace and Luffy with a magma punch. When everyone expect Ace to suffer the same fate he did in the manga... Whitebeard pulls a Big Damn Heroes, blocks Akainu's attack and counterattacks with a Quake Punch to the guts. Ouch.
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