Awesome / 100 Bullets

  • Lono stepping off the bus at the prison, shit-eating-grin and all. That's right, people. Lono is capable of turning the simple act of stepping off a bus into awesomeness.
  • Wylie Times gunning down Coochie's entire gang gunsakimbo. While out in the open desert. Without getting hit himself. It all happens off screen, but still.
  • Dizzy going toe to toe with Lono and holding her damn own.
  • Loop's plan in prison.
  • Victor's introduction; recounting the origins of the Trust while effortlessly gunning down about a dozen armed men without suffering a scratch. Bonus points for doing it Guns Akimbo and using a Human Shield.
  • Cooper, head bodyguard to Joan D'Arcy, is an old man suffering from lung cancer. He's faced with Remi Rome, a vastly superior fighter and gunman who has just killed all his men except him. Cooper's response? He shoots his own oxygen tank, killing himself and blowing off Remi's hands, ensuring he can never kill again. Remi lives, but kills himself shortly after.
  • Jack takes three hits to the head from a steel bat and doesn't even flinch. Later he beats Lono in a fistfight, despite being dazed from having just been reactivated.
  • Megan Dietrich, heartless Alpha Bitch though she may be, staring down Lono, pointing a gun at her head and gleefully describing to her how he's fantasized about raping her to death, and not even flinching.
  • Sheperd saving Benito from five asassins.