Awesome / Once Upon a Time in the West
Those thugs don't stand a chance against this guy.
  • Harmonica vs the three gunmen. He outdraws them at clear disadvantage (pulling his gun from his baggage) and Woody Strode still puts a bullet in him. The setup alone is pretty amazing.
    Harmonica: Did you bring a horse for me?
    Frank's Man: Looks like we're shy one horse.
    Harmonica: (shakes head) You brought two too many.
  • The tracking shot of the town when Jill arrives. Mixed with a bit of Tear Jerker.
  • Cheyenne rescuing Harmonica from Morton's goons on the train.
  • Frank stages a rigged auction so that Jill has no choice to sell her land to him. Just the auctioneer is about to sell, Harmonica steps in and bids $5,000 with the bounty on Cheyenne as his payment.
  • The town shootout.
  • Frank vs Harmonica: Harmonica shooting Frank as soon as the flashback ends. Followed by Harmonica shoving his namesake between Frank's teeth after said shooting. Morricone underscoring it all with Harmonica's theme also deserves a very special mention.