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Awesome: On Stranger Tides
  • Hurwood's duel with Leo Friend is made of these.
  • Shandy's initial wounding of Philip Davies
  • Just about any scene with Woefully Fat.
  • The (incorrectly believed to be) final battle with Blackbeard easily qualifies, given that Blackbeard takes half a dozen musket balls and almost two dozen sword wounds before he goes down. Just like in Real Life. The only way it could have been cooler would have been if, after being slain and having his head severed, Blackbeard's corpse swam around Maynard's ship like it was supposed to in legend.
  • The sinking of the British man-o-war, which justifiably becomes a legendary exploit of Jack's. It starts with Davies taunting the captain into trying to murder him (with a single sentence) and ends with them blowing the ship to smithereens with a fire spell.
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