Awesome: Ōkamiden

  • Many, but the best has to be when Chibi needs to kill Kurow to kill Akuro. Chibi is then stopped by Kuni who says that they'll do it together. Kuni hops onto Chibi's back, raises his sword and is then decked out in Nagi's armor and sword before they charge.
  • The first time we get an idea of how powerful Kagu is (before we even find out what those powers are) is quite impressive. A gear roughly the size of a car falls on her and a stagehand. She catches it in midair on a dome of electricity.
    This is... a little... heavy.
    • Then there are the scenes before and after the third phase of the playhouse's boss fight, where her full power is realized.
  • How fat is Manpuku? Apparently, Manpuku is so fat, he BREAKS THROUGH SPACE AND TIME to come to Chibi's rescue! (Keep in mind this was AFTER Kurow closed the portal) I thought that was one of his best moments.
    "I made a promise to Pork Chop!"
  • In the Moon Cave, you, Kurow, and Susano finds a piece of armor that belonged to Susano's family... But he turns away the armor, wishing to fight with the power of love.
    • It should also be noted that the cutscene takes place in an area across a poison lake. Susano must have either swam across or jumped the gap, both of which are impossible for Chibiterasu himself.

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